Enhance your Governance Leadership Skills

ACCT’s Community College Governance Recognition Program

Governance Leadership is important!

The Community College Governance Recognition Program (CCGRP) provides affordable, accessible and high quality education and training opportunities to trustees. The CCGRP is specifically designed to meet the needs of college boards and their presidents. All students, staff, faculty and the community benefit from a well-informed board.

Designed to Serve New and Experienced Trustee Needs

This innovative program gives community college trustees from all geographic locations the opportunity to earn a certificate of participation in governance leadership from ACCT, the national association serving the educational needs of community college trustees. The program is focused on the needs of the governing board and individual learning needs of trustees by providing training opportunities in some of the most relevant topics on effective governance.  

The CCGRP is designed to accommodate the busy schedules of trustee leaders by providing a customizable program of study.  Trustees may combine topics and methods of delivery by selecting online webinars or ACCT sponsored on-site institutes and academies throughout the year. 

The blended program provides specialized training to augment trustees’ expertise in good governance practices, to learn about new developments in community colleges, student success, and the field of education, and validate the commitment and time invested by individual trustees by providing a credential of participation.

Enhance your Governance Leadership Skills

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