Presidential Evaluation

A thorough and formal evaluation of the president provides an opportunity for the board to assess the contributions being made to the college by the president. The process helps both parties to establish a learning agenda around emerging issues and needs and strengthens the board/president relationship.

Boards are being asked to provide greater leadership in today's world. They are expected to work in partnership with the president to raise money, approve long-range planning, actively seek political and civic support for the college, manage media communications and preserve instituional autonomy while coping with ever increasing political demands. Well-done evaluations provide a mechanism for the board to offer guidance and establish presidential goals and priorities.

ACCT’s role is to give encouragement and constructive and impartial advice to boards and presidents. We help the board design the evaluation and provide confidential staff support to the board and president. Our innovative process:


  • Guarantees confidentiality and integrity.
  • Coordinates a fair and impartial process of tabulating and distributing quantitative and qualitative data from trustees and the president. 
  • Provides impartial and fair reporting.
  • Analyzes assessment data and identifies areas of strength and concern for the board and president.
  • Includes a summary report of findings prepared and presented to the board with our written recommendations/comments.
  • Sets the stage for strategic improvements and establishing performance goals.
  • Facilitates a customized board retreat to present the summary report.
  • Provides the board and president an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue on how to close the "gaps" between expectations and performance, define a base line for future assessment and set a timeline for the next evaluation.

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