Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Use a crisis as a way to reinforce organizational values.

Difficult times and internal conflicts can mar a college's image in the community and trigger anger and low morale among faculty and staff. ACCT Board Leadership Services has the expertise to provide coaching, assistance and advice that will enable the board to carry out an effective leadership analysis and develop a process for reconciliation.

Conflict resolution requires sensitivity and knowledgeable leadership. ACCT provides:

  • On-going coaching and technical assistance by phone or electronic communication.
  • Site visits with the board of trustees and president, and additional visits (if needed), to conduct an environmental scan. The scan will be based on focus groups with college constituencies and external stakeholders to compile information and provide advice to the board.

If conflict is not addressed, the college may not be able to move forward or old disruptive issues may recur. Restoring a healthy culture involves communication with all of the school's constituents, all of whom must take responsibility for his or her role in the healing process. ACCT has found that external assistance can be a catalyst to help trustees, faculty, staff, students and community members to put differences aside, find common ground and focus on positive changes and the contribution each can make to the future well-being of the College.

We provide a team of experienced leaders who will provide expert and confidential services to assist the board. Services available include:

  • Board retreats
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Campus Climate Review
  • Focus groups
  • Coaching and Training

ACCT commends the boards who are willing to participate in an external analysis. It is a positive process.

For more information:

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