Institutional Leadership Analysis

As boards and presidents of community colleges marshal resources and talent to meet challenges of student learning and completion as well as workforce development needs it becomes critical to assess the administrative and leadership structures. ACCT through the Board Leadership Service (BLS) has the capacity to help boards and presidents conduct custom-designed analysis of the current administrative structure and leadership needs of the institution. The value of an independent leadership structure analysis is that it provides an impartial analysis, engages all constituencies in a process that is participatory and inclusive.

Working with your board and college leadership, BLS will engage in activities including:

  • Site visits to provide an opportunity to meet with key leaders of the institution
  • Analysis of current organizational structures and the challenges confronting academic and administrative leadership
  • Gap analysis to assess what changes if any are needed to capitalize on institutional talent, to better align institutional leadership to accomplish the strategic goals of the college, and to focus on student access, equity, and success
  • Review of pertinent materials including mission, vision, strategic goals; strategic plan; self-study; and job descriptions
  • Research on the current organizational structures at comparable community colleges and current literature on responses by community colleges confronting similar challenges

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