About Trustee Education

Community college governing boards have an inherent and ongoing responsibility to their institutions, communities and students to actively build their competencies and to practice effective governance.

Today's increasingly complex educational environment requires that trustees not only understand their roles and responsibilities, but also develop the vision to ensure long-term success for their institutions. ACCT encourages trustees to empower themselves by participating in live and virtual education events and drawing on all available educational resources. For nearly 50 years, ACCT has been the first and best source of knowledge-based materials and development opportunities for trustees and boards.

The purpose of trustee education is to:

  • Assess and meet the educational needs of individual trustees and governing boards.
  • Develop high-quality materials and programs to meet those needs.
  • Assure our services and materials are accessible to ACCT membership.
  • Create a national network of trustees who share and implement effective governance practices.

Trustees are urged to build upon core competencies necessary to successfully lead the community and technical colleges that serve more than 12 million students annually.

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